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April Howell

April Howell

When I was recommended to try the liquid chlorophyll I was skeptical but after I’ve used it I have been hooked ever since. It is now a part of my daily regimen. It just makes me Feel Great overall and it’s not a bad taste either to me it tastes like mint water. It definitely, tolerable I actually enjoy it! You will be doing yourself a favor by including this in your daily routine. This is definitely a product that has health benefits written all over it.

Ashley Forster

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Ashely Foster

A few months back, my skin became irritated and broke out completely, as I came to the wellness & education center I was referred to take in Chlorophyll. Within a month's time, I began to notice changes In my energy skin and energy level. I gained my confidence back in taking chlorophyll has changed my life from the inside out. I am beyond thankful for the Wellness and Education Center.

Muriel Allman

Muriel Allman

I have known Mr. Hadley Lawrence for over twenty years. I met Mr. Lawrence as he worked as a pharmacist at one of the leading pharmacies. I found him to be a devout Christian, a trustworthy person, and very competent in his profession. Mr. Lawrence was always willing to give advice pertaining to any health issues, which one would have encountered. He later pursued his profession as an alternative doctor, helping people to attain healthier life choices. After leaving the pharmaceutical industry to pursue his career in alternative medicine, I was introduced to a blood analysis feature, allowing me to see my blood under the microscope. This blood screening helped me to keep my body healthy, by following the guidelines outlined in the health brochure. I was pleased with the outcome and changes in my body, as people noticed the transformation in my body after changing my diet. I shared my experience and information with my family and friends, who also benefited from the advice given, and the products that were recommended to change their lifestyles. Mr. Lawrence is passionate about alternative medicine, and the need to help people live healthier lives. I wish him continued good health, strength, and God's guidance in this venture. as he encourages everyone to take care of their bodies, which are the temple of the living God, by using the fruits and herbs as medicine for their food. I commend him and will recommend him to anyone who wants to make lifestyle changes.


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Marva Hunte

I have been in regular contact with Dr. Hadley Lawrence for many years. I have been consulting him about some of the various challenges I had with my. Health. He introduced me to his products and I used them and they worked... I am still using them. The products are very beneficial to improve your health. Marva Hunte